Palm Oil Company in Medan, Indonesia

PT. Mahkota Group, Tbk is Indonesia's largest palm oil company which has a number of palm oil processing factories, located in North Sumatra, Riau and Palembang.

Company Commitment in Going Public

By going public, the Company is committed to continuing to improve and maintain good business continuity based on the principles of good corporate governance. Utilize management expertise and experience to improve the Company's operations in the future, by clearly preparing the responsibilities of each of the Company's operating units to increase the overall efficiency of the Company and the Company's ability to quickly respond to changing market conditions.

PT. Mahkota Group Go Public

For the Company, implementing good corporate governance (GCG) is not only limited to complying with the provisions of the laws and regulations in force in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. However, implementing GCG is the Company's commitment to its vision and mission which acts as a foundation in building and creating a strong and sustainable company system and structure.

GCG also regulates the relationship between interested parties (stakeholders), especially between shareholders, the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors in order to achieve company goals. GCG also provides assurance to the public that the Company has established healthy palm oil company business behavior, not only profitable for business but also beneficial for society and the environment.
After becoming a public palm oil company, PT Mahkota Group Tbk will make GCG an important element for the Company in maintaining the sustainable growth of the palm oil business in Indonesia and also becoming a National palm oil company. The Company is committed to being involved in encouraging Indonesia's growth by contributing significantly to the Indonesian economy.

Regarding the implementation of GCG Principles in the Company's Business Activities, in accordance with the Stock Exchange Listing Regulations and OJK regulations, the Company has complete equipment such as Independent Commissioners, Independent Directors, Company Secretaries and Audit Committees, the Company also has an Internal Audit Unit whose function is to supervise the implementation of policies set by the Company's Management and has formed a Nomination and Remuneration Committee whose task is to review and recommend the composition of the Company's Board of Commissioners and Directors as well as a competitive remuneration system.

Company Advantages and Strategy

Increasingly tight business competition requires companies to always be alert in responding to challenges and winning market competition. Therefore, the company strives to create quality products that are able to compete in the market through balanced creativity and innovation.
The palm oil mill business growth strategy in North Sumatra PT.Mahkota Group, Tbk is to utilize its competitive advantages has the following main strategies:

  • 1. Development of Palm Oil Processing Business

    The company is developing a Refinery and Kernel Crushing Plant to process palm oil into cooking oil and its derivative products.

  • 2. Strategic Collaboration with Business Partners

    The company is very open to collaborating with other parties as an example in utilizing residual waste from palm oil production into renewable energy.

  • 3. Opportunities to Make Acquisitions

    The Company will regularly assess opportunities to acquire new land reserves and develop plantation businesses in areas that have soil characteristics suitable for planting oil palm plants, especially plantations close to processing factories of subsidiaries and associations. The Company will continue to strive to expand the land it owns in order to achieve greater economic scale.

  • 4. Increase Efficiency

    The Company continues to strive to increase efficiency and productivity by implementing effective and efficient operational techniques. Efforts are taken to update technology and SOPs regularly.

  • 5. Improving the Quality of Human Resources

    Human Resources are the Company's main assets and play a very important role in determining the success of the Company's business activities. To achieve this mission, the Company realizes that it absolutely needs efforts that can support the development and improvement of the quality of human resources by regularly participating in various training and outreach activities. So that optimal utilization of human resources will be achieved.

PT. Mahkota Group Tbk.

Indonesia is one of the largest palm oil producing countries in the world. A number of Indonesian palm oil companies have very large plantation areas, reaching 16.8 million hectares. Spread in various regions such as Sumatra, Kalimantan and Papua.

Palm oil production in Indonesia is very large to meet people's demand and needs for cooking oil. Not only for the home market, but also for the export market with crude oil (CPO).

Indonesian Palm Oil Factory Industry

Oil palm is the fruit of the oil palm tree which can only grow in tropical areas. Oil palm trees need lots of sunlight and high rainfall to produce the best fruit. In Indonesia, the largest area of oil palm plantations is on the island of Sumatra, especially in Riau. One of the palm oil companies in Indonesia that has oil palm land in the Riau area is PT. Mahkota Group, Tbk. Our oil palm plantations are also in North Sumatra and Palembang. PT. Mahkota Group, Tbk is an integrated and leading public palm oil-based company in Indonesia. The main activity of PT. Mahkota Group, Tbk as a palm oil company in Indonesia is managing oil palm plantations, including plasma land, harvesting and processing fresh palm fruit bunches into palm oil (CPO) and palm kernel (PK), as well as processing palm fruit into various industrial products and consumer.

PT. Mahkota Group, Tbk is an Indonesian palm oil company that operates a number of palm oil processing factories in North Sumatra, Palembang and Riau. Our aspiration is to become a leading global plantation company with a mission to realize the potential of palm oil processing. Palm oil comes from plants and is not a genetically engineered product so it is suitable for vegans. Processed palm oil products can also be an alternative substitute for milk fat products that are more economical and environmentally friendly. All of our processed palm oil products are sourced from high-quality raw materials which are produced responsibly. We continue to maintain the best and sustainable quality for all products, both for consumers and food producers

  • 1. Cooking Oil

    We are present as the largest palm oil company in Indonesia which produces various palm oil products. The main product of palm oil, namely cooking oil, is the consumer product most needed by the Indonesian people.

    Palm oil companies in Indonesia such as PT. Mahkota Group, Tbk receives fresh fruit bunches (FFB) as raw material for palm oil. From the best and highest quality fruit, crude palm oil is produced.

    Crude palm oil (CPO) is then processed into raw material for cooking oil. Palm oil from Indonesian palm oil companies is a vegetable oil product that has a number of advantages such as low price, low cholesterol, high carotene content, and is versatile.

    Palm oil can be used for daily needs, from food to cosmetics. In various food industries, palm oil is widely used in wet cakes, pastries, biscuits and so on. In the beauty industry, palm oil is one of the basic ingredients for lipstick.

  • 2. Margarine

    One of the products produced from the palm oil industry is margarine. Margarine products are very suitable for use as an ingredient for making sweet bread, biscuits, rolls, pastries, filled cream and cream for decorating cakes.

    Margarine is a healthier substitute for butter. With margarine products that are trans-free and meet food health standards. Producing palm oil derivative products that have more nutrients, such as antioxidants that support the immune system.

  • 3. Shortening

    Another product from palm oil processing is shortening which can meet the needs of food businesses, such as making cakes, biscuits, snacks and other food frying applications. A flagship product made in accordance with nutritional standards.

  • 4. Special Vegetable Fats

    Special vegetable fat is one of the derivative products from palm oil mills in Indonesia which uses palm kernel kernel as the basic ingredient. This product is the right choice for consumers engaged in the candy, chocolate and ice cream manufacturing industry.

Palm Oil Company Business

Indonesia is one of the largest producing countries for mental palm oil or CPO (crude palm oil) in Indonesia. Indonesian palm oil companies produce around 45 tons of palm oil per year. In 2022, palm oil mills in Indonesia succeeded in exporting CPO and derivative products reaching 25.01 million tons. As the largest producer and exporter of CPO in the world, the Indonesian palm oil mill industry processes vast areas of palm oil spread across various provinces.
With this very large sick production, a number of companies operating in the CPO industry are able to earn high profits per year. One of them is PT. Mahkota Group, Tbk. Indonesian palm oil companies that become public companies or go public.

PT. Mahkota Group, Tbk has shares registered on the IDX with the code MGRO. Conducted an IPO or initial offering on July 12 2018. As of April 4 2023, MGRO's share price was IDR 745 per share with a market capitalization of IDR 2.6 trillion. PT business network. Mahkota Group, Tbk includes processing fresh fruit (FFB) into CPO and palm kernel as well as providing shipping and bulking tank rental services.

  • 1. Processing Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB)

    PT. Mahkota Group, Tbk has a palm oil business by processing Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) into crude palm oil and palm kernel. All processing processes are carried out in a number of factories in North Sumatra, Riau and South Sumatra. Riau itself is known as the largest contributor of palm oil in Indonesia. Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), palm oil production from this area reached 8.4 million tons in 2019. Our palm oil processing factory in Riau together with professional staff who receive raw materials to be processed into crude palm oil (CPO) and palm kernel. Crude palm oil (CPO) contains vitamin E and carotene, resulting in a red oil which is also known as red palm oil. The Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) that we receive are also processed into kernel oil or palm kernel oil. This product is often used in the food industry. Likewise with our palm oil processing factories in North Sumatra and Palembang. Manage a palm oil company business by producing various derivative products from palm oil.

  • 2. Logistics

    Apart from palm oil processing, our business network also includes shipping and rental services for storage tanks for CPO products which are an export commodity. PT. Mahkota Group, Tbk is an Indonesian palm oil company that has a bulking station for CPO storage purposes with a very large capacity.


PT. Mahkota Group, Tbk has a number of palm oil processing factories, located in North Sumatra, Riau and South Sumatra. 

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PT. Mahkota Group, Tbk is committed to achieving the highest standards in quality and integrity, embedding sustainable principles in its business activities. To understand the concept of sustainability, we realize that although achieving economic prosperity is important, protecting the environment is also very crucial. A sustainable paradigm is applied in all lines of company operations and community and community empowerment. Apart from that, PT. Mahkota Group, Tbk is fully committed to complying with ISPO principles and criteria for sustainable palm oil production. 

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PT. Mahkota Group, Tbk is always looking for highly motivated human resources with good performance to join our employees. We value employees who enjoy challenges, desire to grow and achieve success with the company group. Please visit our careers page for the latest positions available.

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